6 Ways to Get Rid of Car Glass Mold Naturally Super Fast

Continuous use of the car every day certainly causes several problems with the car. One of them often happens to car glass. Car glass has a function as protection from heat and rain and indirectly becomes a factor of safety and comfort in driving. Exposure to rain and heat and changes in weather can cause mold on your windshield. Besides making the car’s appearance not good anymore, the fungus on the windshield can cause disturbance when you are driving a vehicle because the driver cannot see clearly on the outside road. Especially when you drive a car at night, of course this will greatly endanger your safety.

What causes mold on the windshield? Then here’s the explanation:

Weather changes when using a vehicle

One of the causes of mold spots on the windshield is due to weather conditions that experience continuous changes. For example, you are using your vehicle when the sun is hot and a few moments later the weather turns into very heavy rain. This drastic change in weather causes mold on your windshield.

Putting the car in a damp place

One other mistake that can cause mold to grow on the windshield is that you often park your car in a humid place and allow dust and dirt to stick to the windshield for too long. Dirty car glass that is not cleaned immediately can trigger the growth of mold on your windshield.

Wash the car in hot weather

Washing your car when it is hot also causes mold on the windshield. The mold on the windshield can come from water spots. When you wash it in hot condition, of course the water will dry quickly and cause mold spots on the windshield. In addition, washing your car while it is still hot has the same effect on mold growth.

The quality of the washing water used

The quality of water for washing can also affect the appearance of mold spots on the windshield. For example, if you use groundwater, of course the lime content in it will be very high. These high levels of lime can cause the mold spots to get bigger. In addition, sometimes there is groundwater, which contains elements of yellow iron and salt water. You need to avoid this type of water because it causes mold and can make the windshield look dull. For now it is better if you use tap water to wash your car.

To get rid of mold on your windshield, usually vehicle owners will immediately take their car to the car salon. But of course if you take it to a car salon it will cost you a lot. In addition, for those of you who don’t have enough time, it is certainly very difficult to come to a car salon. Actually, you can get rid of mold on the windshield of a vehicle with simple tools and materials, so you can save money and time compared to coming to a car salon.

So here are some ways to get rid of auto glass fungus easily:

Using Alcohol

One way to get rid of mold on your windshield easily is by using alcohol. Alcohol is usually used to clean wounds on the skin, but you can also use it to get rid of mold on the windshield. How to use it is very young. Here are the steps for cleaning mold on glass using alcohol:
• Of course you have to prepare the tools and materials used in advance. For ingredients prepare about 50-90% alcohol. As for the tools used, you can use cotton or soft cloth.
• Beat the alcohol you will use first. Then dip a cotton swab or soft cloth in rubbing alcohol, just to taste.
• Rub the cloth or cotton on the glass that has mold. Rub gently until the mold spots disappear on the glass.
Although this method is considered ancient, its efficacy has been proven. You can remove mold from your windshield without the need for expensive equipment.

Using bleach

Another way to get rid of mold on your windshield is to use bleach. Bleach can not only get rid of stubborn stains on clothes but also can remove mold spots on the windshield. Here are the steps to clean car glass mold using clothes bleach.
• For how to use it is actually the same as before. You just need to prepare a soft cloth and bleach the clothes.
• Dip a soft cloth in the bleach of clothes, then rub it into the car glass that has problems until the mold spots disappear.
• After that, you can clean your windshield using plain water.
• Then when clean, wipe with a dry cloth.
It turns out that clothes bleach can also be used to get rid of windshield fungus. For the methods, you can follow the steps described above. Easy enough, right? besides being easy you also don’t need to pay too expensive.

Using soda

Soda water is not only delicious to drink, but you can also use it to clean mold on your windshield. So, here are the steps to clean mold stains on the windshield using soda.
• If you choose to use soda to remove mold on your windshield, then you should clean the windshield first.
• To clean, do not flush your car glass with water. This is because the chemical elements in the soda do not mix with water. You can clean it by wiping it, at least you don’t want any dirt or dust to stick to the glass.
• After the glass is clean, then you can start cleaning. You can prepare a dry soft cloth and then moisten it with the soda.
• After that, rub it on the glass affected by mold. Repeat this several times until the mold on the windshield is gone.

In addition to bleaching clothes, you can also use soda for how to get rid of windshield fungus. For the methods, you can follow the steps described above. besides being easy, you can also get soda anywhere, you also don’t need to pay too expensive.


Using apple cider vinegar

Usually apple vinegar is used as a food ingredient or used for treatment. But who would have thought that apple cider vinegar could also be used to remove stubborn mold spots on car windshields. So, here are the steps to clean car glass fungus using apple cider vinegar.

• The first time make a mixture of apple cider vinegar with water. For the measurement is 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for 1 liter of water.
• Rub the cloth on the windshield in a circular motion until the fungus on the windshield disappears completely.
• After the mold is clean, you can dry the glass using newsprint.
• After that, you can see for yourself the results are really amazing.

Using toothpaste

Another ingredient that you can use is toothpaste. To use toothpaste as a cleaner for your windshield fungus is very easy. Here are the steps for cleaning car glass using toothpaste.

• Make sure the condition of your windshield is clean and dry.
• Apply toothpaste on your windshield where there are mold spots evenly.
• Wait for the toothpaste to start drying.
• Once dry, you can clean this toothpaste using water.
• Scrub with water until clean. You can rub it using a soft cloth.
• Rub the cloth until the mold on the windshield begins to disappear.
• To dry the windshield, you can use a dry cloth or newspaper.

Using Tobacco Water

Tobacco water is also known as a cleaner for mold spots on your windshield. So, here are the steps for cleaning mold spots using tobacco.

• Prepare a handful of dry tobacco then soak in clean water for about 15 minutes.• Make sure the water you are using is not mixed with other ingredients such as soap or detergent.
• While waiting for the tobacco to soak, you can clean your windshield first by using clean cold water.
• After it is clean and dry, you can flush the glass of your car with the tobacco soaked water.
• Then scrub your glass clean using foam.
• Do this method several times until the fungus on the windshield is completely gone.
• Then rinse the glass using clean water and wipe it dry.

You also have to take precautions so that mold spots cannot appear on your windshield. The method is very easy, you just need to flush or wash your car directly after being exposed to rain water. But if you don’t have time to wash it, you can wipe your car using a damp duster or chamois.