6 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Traffic accidents often occur in Jakarta, both minor and large, almost every day accidents occur and are reported by the media. Even so, the large number of accidents that occur does not seem to make motorcyclists more careful in driving. There are still many motorcyclists who are less alert on the road and at risk of experiencing the same thing.
If you are accustomed to activities using a motorbike, follow these steps to ride safely:

1. Make sure the motor is in good condition.


Check your motorbike before the road. Make sure all parts are in good condition, replace tires when they start to go bald, fix the brakes if they don’t grip, also replace the headlights when they are no longer lit, repair all damaged equipment before driving. You are at high risk of having an accident, even fatal, if you drive a motorbike that is not in prime condition.

2. Use Complete Protection Tools


Helmets, jackets, gloves, pants and shoes must be equipped when driving, use all this equipment for complete protection. By protecting all parts of your body from head to toe, you will be better protected in the event of an accident.

3. Make Yourself Visible


Quite a number of accidents are caused by the driver’s vision which is disturbed due to darkness or rain, so he doesn’t see other vehicles that are nearby. To prevent this, make your motorbike visible and easily visible by wearing reflective or brightly colored equipment. You can use brightly colored jackets and helmets or put reflective stickers on the body of your motorbike.

4. Keep Distance


If the vehicle brakes suddenly for whatever reason, you don’t have time or space to stop and this could result in a rear-end crash.
The ideal distance required from the vehicle in front is 3 seconds. The way to calculate it is to pay attention to the position of the vehicle in front, you must be in the position of the vehicle 3 seconds later, you can use objects such as electric poles or road markings as a benchmark. This 3 second count is based on the driver’s reaction to the brakes and the performance of the engine to slow down the vehicle in a sudden braking situation.

5. Anticipate Accidents


Whenever you drive, always anticipate any potential hazards that may occur. Many accidents occur because drivers fail to anticipate danger and react too late.
Examples of prone roads are such as on a sharp turn where you cannot see the traffic in front, a crossroads where many other motorists are passing at high speed, a school area where many children pass. Even if you have followed traffic rules and have been driving safely, be aware of other drivers who are driving dangerously. It’s better to prevent accidents from happening than to regret it later.

6. Avoid Driving at Night


As much as possible avoid driving a motorcycle at night. It is difficult to see other drivers and road conditions in the dark. Another risk of driving at night is the possibility that you, and other road users, are already tired after work and doing activities, thus reducing your concentration in driving your vehicle.

As an added step, you can also insure your motorbike to provide peace of mind in driving. Motorcycle insurance can cover the cost of repairing your motorbike in the event of an accident, besides that motorbikes have a high risk of accident or theft, so motorbike insurance is the right protection for that risk. Choose the right protection that suits you and your motorbike’s needs.
Even if you obey all traffic rules, use all equipment, and have driven your motorbike carefully, there are still risks in driving your motorbike, especially from other drivers who are not careful in driving. It is always better to prevent the worst than to regret later.