5 Things That Must Be Considered Before Modifying Your Favorite Motorcycle

Motorized vehicles are not just a means of transportation, they can also be used as a medium for someone’s expression and make them look different or not in the market. Like pouring artistic talent, the genre also varies. But before changing the appearance of your favorite car or motorcycle, you should consider the following things before ending up in regret.

Affected by Legal Problems

The rules governing modified vehicles in the country are indeed gray, especially for motorbikes. No wonder if when used on the highway, raids often stumble, starting from changing the exhaust, tires to the headlamp. Not to mention taking part in illegal races that violate the law, such as disturbing public order to endanger road users.

Lost Factory Warranty

A motorbike or car that just leaves the factory is usually accompanied by a warranty for a certain period of time which is a guarantee if you experience an assembly or material error. But the guarantee will be invalidated if the motorized vehicle has been modified, for example by changing the engine pull to use spare parts that are not original. Moreover, if the status is credit, do not modify it carelessly because it can remove the guarantee that can cause problems in the future.

Make Out of Money

Don’t try to modify a motorized vehicle if you don’t have the capital. Yup, this hobby is quite a drain on money and savings. It’s even at risk of making you sink into debt and credit card bills if you like shopping online looking for spare parts through shopping sites. Adjust the desired modifications according to financial capacity, yes. For example, those who are experimenting can replace the wheels or add an airbrush on the body.

Accident Risk

The vehicle manufacturer has carefully counted all motorized vehicles sold in the market. Not only the model and engine, but also the safety factor.
Unfortunately, it’s not true that those who like to modify their vehicles choose to sacrifice safety for a fashionable look. For example, choosing to change tires or machines that risk triggering an accident. Not only is the loss because the mount is damaged, but also the rider can suffer from minor injuries to the worst possible.

So Raw Material

One of the goals of modification lovers to do their hobby is to get praise and admired for their creativity. But not a few who even invited scorn. This is usually given to those who seem excessive and do not pay attention to modifying rules just because they want their vehicle to look cool.
Modifying a vehicle can indeed be a hobby that makes you addicted. But before trying it, you should consider these things so that there are no regrets in the future, from getting pouted to getting into credit card debt.