5 steps to take care of a car that is rarely used during WFH

The application of permits for activities outside the home to break the chain of the spread of COVID-19, leave the car not to use its vehicle and let it stay in the garage. if the car stays in the garage for too long it will cause some problems. Here are some ways to treat a car that has been parked in the garage for a long time.

1. Warm up the engine regularly

Heat the car engine at least once every three days, for 10-15 minutes with a minimum RPM of 1500 when heated. This is done to minimize problems with the battery or battery. If the engine is not started regularly, it can be sure to weaken, given the absence of a recharge cycle from the alternator that occurs, such as when the engine is running or running.

2. Check the engine oil

The next problem if the car is parked too long is the engine lubricant. If the engine is not started regularly, there is a possibility that engine oil will settle at the bottom of the engine and reduce the lubrication function of the engine.

3. Fill fuel to the brim

When recommending leaving the car for a long time, if the tank is full. The aim is that there is no remaining air space in the vehicle tank which can cause dew / condensation which will result in a decrease in fuel quality.

4. Check the air pressure on the tires

Next comes the issue of prohibition if the car tends to stay idle for long periods of time. The wind pressure of the circular rubber will decrease and cause it to be one-sided or flat. If you have this, the damage to the legs can also spread to the bearing wheels, because the load only rests on one point. If you want to park for a long time, fill the tires with maximum wind pressure.

Also check every week or jack cars that are prohibited directly on the floor. This can be done to reduce the symptoms of a flat tire. And to avoid damaging the wheel bearings, warm up the car while carrying it running so the wheels turn

5. Parking on the flat

Another way to care for a car that is rarely used is to park it on a flat place and do not activate the parking brake which can result in the brake lining sticking with the brake disc. If the parking conditions are not flat, cheat by propping up the tires.