5 Causes of Hot Car Engines You Should Know Immediately!

Often hear the news about a car suddenly catching fire while driving down the road. Did you know, one of the causes of this is the condition of the car’s engine overheating. The temperature rise of this engine itself is caused by several factors. Come on know now and prevent the danger!

Damage to the radiator

Radiators have a very vital function in managing the temperature of your car engine. If this part has a problem, the cooling system will go awry, causing the car engine to overheat. Generally, the problem that often arises in a radiator is a drain clogged with dirt. The second thing is the occurrence of a leak or tear in the radiator hose. These two things can prevent the coolant from being properly distributed, making the engine hot.
Next, is the lack of fluid in the radiator tank. Usually, the older the car, the more often the water has to be filled. It would be better if you fill it with a special coolant radiator to keep the mineral content at a minimum in the engine. Normally, radiator water changes are carried out every 20 thousand kilometers. Don’t forget to use a liquid that contains anti-rust.

Thermostat Not Working

Thermostat is a temperature measuring device in a car engine that is related to the radiator working system. When the engine temperature is low, the thermostat regulates water to remain in the radiator. Meanwhile, when the car’s engine is hot, this tool will also regulate water to enter the engine. If it does not function properly, the cooling water circulation system will be disrupted so that the engine temperature becomes chaotic. Over time, the heat will increase, causing the engine to overheat.

Using Used Oil

Never be tempted to buy oil that is cheap and has no clear brand. Generally, unqualified oil fluids will not be strong against heat so it evaporates very quickly. Machines that are not lubricated with oil have the potential to experience strong friction, causing overheating. Apart from poor quality oil, oil can also be lost due to leaks. The same will happen to the engine. One indication of a hot car engine can be seen when white smoke appears from inside the hood.

Cooling Fan Shuts Down

On the radiator there is a fan that functions to suck cold air from outside. These fans can be damaged or misplaced, trapping high temperatures and making the car engine hot. Therefore, make sure that the fan is functioning properly. If the car is constantly hot, check the condition of the fanbelt, is it still normal, loose, or broken. You will also need to check the dynamo driving the fan. Usually, the old wire or fuse will break easily.

Finally, check that the installation is not reversed. The placement of the fan upside down will actually make it suck hot air from outside. The temperature of the engine area that is already hot will get out of control when this happens.

Using inappropriate fuel

Hot car engines can also be caused by the choice of fuel oil . The octane content that does not match the needs of the car can result in knocking so that the car will overheat if left unchecked. Know in advance about the fuel information that suits your vehicle type. Don’t just because it’s cheap, you choose to fill the fuel tank with the wrong type. In fact, car engines can be damaged and the costs are even greater. Those are some of the reasons your car engine can overheat. Hopefully the information and tips from OtoSpector above are useful for all of you!