4 Easy Ways to Fix a Dent Car Door

Many things can cause your car to become scuffed, dents such as being hit, hit, hit by an object, carelessly parking. So that it spoils the beauty of the appearance of the vehicle body, one of which is when the dent is on the car door. Of course there must be a way to fix a dented car door. The condition of a dented and damaged car door makes your car unattractive to look at. Repairing a dented car door can actually be done in many ways. Like taking it to a specialist paint and body repair workshop, or to a magic tap. It all depends on the level of difficulty, and how badly the dent in the car door is. But you can also do it yourself to repair a dented car door. Of course all that is done for the sake of the door on your car body can be smooth again.

Here’s how to fix a pin car door that you can do yourself at home.

Using a hair dryer and carbon dioxide liquid

The first way to fix a dented car door is arguably quite easy to do. You only need to prepare very simple equipment, namely a hair dryer and liquid carbon dioxide. The trick is to point the hair dryer to the dented part of the car door. Then wait for the temperature to warm up, then spray the whole carbondixide into the dented area. As well as you press and rearrange the dented part of the car door, so that it returns to its original shape.

Hot water

This method is one of the easiest techniques to fix a dent car door. You don’t need to bother and all you need to prepare is hot water. You can prepare the hot water in a water jug ​​container to make repairing the dent on the car easier. Use a cloth or rag that can transmit good heat to put pressure on the car body. You can press it slowly so that the shape is back to normal.

Rubber hammer

The next way to fix a pentok car door is arguably easy and not complicated. You only need to prepare a tool, in the form of a rubber hammer. The way you can tap slowly the dented part from the inside.


The last way you can do to repair a pin car door is to use a vacuum. You can find them for sale at convenience stores or parts and equipment stores. You can do it first, prepare the vacuum, then how it works by sucking the hollow in the car body until it is lifted back to its original position.
To deal with and repair a car door that is still in the light category and not badly damaged, you can do the four methods above yourself, at a more cost effective way.