4 Caring for vehicles that are proven to be wrong and should be Avoided

Owning a motorized vehicle such as a car cannot be separated from routine maintenance that must be carried out on the car as recommended by the factory. Not only from the engine side that need maintenance, all components in the car also need regular maintenance. Because indeed all the components in the car have their respective functions to maximize the car’s performance when driving. How to care for your own vehicle requires basic knowledge so that when you are carrying out the maintenance process there are no mistakes. Most users today do not realize that the following incidents of car maintenance often occur. Therefore, here are some mistakes that often occur and are made during the car maintenance process that must be avoided.

Step on the accelerator when the car is just starting

The car engine itself will usually be turned on by the owner in the morning before carrying out normal activities. Although this is good for the engine, the owner should not immediately step on the gas the first time the car engine is started. This is because when the engine performs, all engine components are not directly exposed to the fuel lubricant. It’s good to need to wait a few minutes, depending on the machine used.

Washing the Car Body With Detergent

When washing a car using detergent, the car body will be more shiny. This has become a very natural thing because indeed the ingredients in detergents can make the surface of iron or glass clean. However, this of course has the risks that will be obtained when using detergent too often as a car body cleaner. The effect is that the paint color on the car body will fade slowly.

Caring Mistakes: Cabin Floor Cleaned With Water

This is an incident that is often done by owners on their private cars. The heart’s intention is to clean the floor so it doesn’t get dirty, but we don’t see the impact it will have in the future. This of course affects the durability of the car body, a car that is often exposed to water will rust quickly.
Not only that, washing the cabin floor with water can also cause damage to the audio features or interfere with the electric flow of the car when exposed to water.

Rear Windshield Cleaned With Glass Cleaner

Cleaning the rear windshield with glass cleaner is something that is often done by vehicle owners. This can actually damage the components in the defogger heating cable. The solution is if you want to clean the rear windshield, use a damp cloth and then wet it with warm water. Clean slowly and evenly so that no more dust sticks.