Aberavon Harlequins RFC will be 125 yrs old in 2015-2016 season, preparations to celebrate this fact are well under way, and celebratory fixtures are being prepared.

The highlight of this season would, of course, be an overseas tour. With this in mind I've priced the following, can't give exact price as not available, as I'll be doing it myself.

Bus to and from London Heathrow, flights to Boston, five days, four night accomodation, between £600 - £800, depending on accomodation. I have also priced Toronto, and is about the same price.

Boston is a great place for a rugby tour, full of pubs, clubs, restaurants and loads to do. Have provisionally arranged a game against Boston Irish Wolfhounds, a top USA team.


I appreciate that this will cost, so a savings club could be implemented, we do have a bit of time to save and think that it could be worked like this. Costs less than a pound a day.

By end of September 2014.- pay £200
By end of April 2015 - £250
By October 2015 - £200
Jan 2016 outstanding remainder

Obviously all monies that can be raised in the meantime will supplement the cost.

Again, this is just food for thought, and your consideration

Anyone wishing to discuss these proposale please contact me

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